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Alessandro Fabrizi
Alessandro Fabrizi

Alessandro Fabrizi om Planteringsperformance

To Whom It May Concern

Roma, August 26th 2014

It is with sincere joy that I write this words in praise of Marie Ohrn and her Planting Performance. I had the pleasure to meet Marie in Stockholm in September 2013, where I had been invited to teach a Linklater Method Workshop at the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. She told me about her planting Performance and I told her about the Unplugged Theatre Festival of Stromboli, of which I am artistic director. It seemed a perfect event to perform in the Eolian island in the context of the festival. Marie kindly accepted my invitation and there we are, 9 months later, in the garden of the Stromboli Bookstore where Marie performed for 3 days in a row – no, actually 4: we had to add a performance because of the many people who wanted to be planted and partecipate to the special rite that Marie has created for us. Her performance touched the hearts, the bodies and the souls of those who partecipated and those who just watched and it was the “talk of the town”. All participants would spread the word, and people from 3 to 90 year old lined up to experience the naturalistic magic of the experience. I personally had the pleasure to receive Marie’s warm and firm guidance into the experience and felt that I was walking on little cushions for several hours after my feet had been rooted in a vase. It was a big success, to the point that a member of the advisory board of the State Theatre of Rome suggested the Planting Performance for the official season of Teatro India, one of the most important thatres in Rome – and, yes!, Marie will perform there in May 2015. People from all countries, including artists and performing arts professors, admired Marie and deeply enjoyed the experience, for which I have received only enthusiatic feed-backs.

I look forward to more collaborations with Marie and wish her art will be experienced in the world by as many human beings as possible.

Alessandro Fabrizi


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